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Traditional Hereford pasture fed cattle at Lilliput Farm

Pasture fed

Sustainable quality

We farm 68ha of grassland in Cold Ashton parish. We have been in a Countryside Stewardship from Natural England for 25 years. All hedgerows have been restored.


We have both upland and valley pastures. These are used in the traditional way: grazing the uplands in the summer to avoid flies bothering the cattle and sheep, then bringing the animals down for the autumn and winter.

We outwinter all our animal with barn access, and we feed them our own hay & haylage. We keep our steers to 3 years old, for good marbling, and our wethers to 1 or 2, for hogget or mutton.


We cut hay, later than normal, from the valley fields in July. This encourages wild flower seeding. Our fields have spring water from St. Anne's Well or St. Eanswythe's Springs.

Lilliput Farm Traditional Hereford Cattle and pedigree Hampshire Down Sheep
Lilliput Farm Kitchen

Truthful flavours

We have been Organic Certified for 20 years, fully Demeter Biodynamic Certified for 14 and Pasture for Life Certified for 8 years. We are Farm Assured with Red Tractor. 


We keep pedigree Traditional Hereford Cattle and pedigree Hampshire Down Sheep. They are fed only on grass.

truthful flavours, sustainable quality, historic landscapes
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